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Spring 2017 Projects

Bedside Grippers

Special thanks to our Graduate Mentor, Henry Clever, for involving the team in his project!
We designed, 3D printed, built and programmed different shapes of end-effectors to help bed-ridden patients get about activities with a joystick!

Team Leaders: Ellen Cottingham, Tristan Wu
Mentors: Henry Clever, Zackory Erickson
Members: Caleb DiPrete, Jonathan Delemar, Kento Yamamoto, Kate Hardin, Josh Moore, Nick Riccardelli, Reina Betancourt, Vidhi Bhanderi, Shivam Patel.

Elliptical Machine

We visited Project Walk, a rehab center for spinal cord injury patients. We interviewed patients and brought back an elliptical that we're turning into a pedal-assisted machine to help them walk again!

Team Leaders: Jasmine Pillarisetti, Aditya Muralidhar
Mentors: Henry Clever, Zackory Erickson
Members: Akanksha Bhatia, Brandon Kim, Gylianne Tyndall, Hisham Temmar, Zafar Alam, Shravanan Ravi, Tarun Maddali, Ryan Yeung, Jon Anderson, Maureen McGough, Eric Salisbury, Prak, Asad, Shehab Attia.


Q: How do I join?
Just come to the meetings every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm! There aren't any forms to fill, no dues either.
Q: I don't have any experience, is that okay?
Yes! You learn by working on a project. We have workshops and mentors to help you learn anything you might need.
Q: Are there dues?
Currently there are no dues.

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